👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽 Hey Bow Tribe!

We hope all has been going well this new year. Can you believe January is coming to a close😅🙃. Seeing all the beautiful pictures of your babies and all the love and excitement has made it a blast for us! 

Our customer service team wanted to share some info with you all to help make your shopping experience more streamlined and enjoyable. 

Modifying orders

You now have the ability to edit or make changes to orders with ease and simplicity.  After making your purchase, you can select to modify an open order from either the confirmation page or the confirmation email. Once you select, and confirm to edit the order the old one will be cancelled and you will be able to place another one. That simple 😁. 

Note: the edit order will only be available for up-to 48 hours after purchase.



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