We just want to thank you one more time for all the support and the love you shown us during this crazy time for all of us.

As the distance remains and grows between us physically, we're keeping our focus on what matters most:

Happiness. Kindness. Empathy.

Spreading love and happiness and giving back has been The little lopers mission from day one.

In that spirit, we’ve add a “Pay What You Can” style pricing model for a limited time. 


Below you’ll find coupon codes from 5% to 25% OFF to help you get what you need this holiday season.


Simply choose your discount,



Use the discount you need to bring home some happiness or pay it forward and send a gift of happiness to a friend.


If you have the means, please consider not using a code at all and know that your support means the world to our small business and helps give us a chance to continue our mission for as long as we can. As our tribe has grown, our team has too! Our family is trying very hard to keep on supporting our team and their families, without you this would never be possible!

You can also Pay It Forward and help others get the discount they need.

*Please Note: A small number of products may be excluded from the larger discount codes because our margins simply can't support it. The vast majority of our catalog is included, so rest easy! If one of the larger codes don't work on an item in your order, try a smaller discount like SAVE15!


Thank you,

The Lopers.